Thermen Maastricht

Enjoy pure wellness, in the middle of the Limburg hill country. At Thermen Maastricht, luxury and nature come together. You see it, you feel it and you taste it!

Experience wellness at a high level
Unique and authentic sauna facilities, with special woodwork and special stoves. Find serene peace in the Natural Sauna or opt for the warm glow and beneficial heat rays of the Infrared Sauna. Immerse yourself in the invigorating sources of energy. Enjoy delicious food in one of the restaurants and experience an oasis of peace in our sauna garden. Enjoy the rolling greenery, relax luxuriously in the hilly landscape.

Endless enjoyment
Enjoy more than 23 different and unique facilities. The most beautiful and pleasant saunas, invigorating baths and special sauna rituals.

Swimwear days
Would you rather go to the sauna in swimwear? Then come and relax serenely during our swimwear days.
Wearing swimwear is mandatory all day.

For entrance tickets, please contact our reception.

For more information, please visit the Thermen Maastricht website.

Wellness package
Hotel Stein-Urmond has put together a Thermen Maastricht package especially for wellness enthusiasts.