House rules

In case of non-compliance with one of the rules below, no warning will be given but you will be promptly requested to leave the hotel. No money/ deposit will be returned.

It is not allowed to:

  1. Use emergency exits when there is no fire.
  2. Bring hotel property outside the building. In case of damage to property of the hotel, one can be held liable for repair and / or renewal costs.
  3. To consume, use, trade or possess narcotics (this also applies to whipped cream cartridges / nitrous oxide).
  4. To cause nuisance in or around the hotel, for example through loud music, unpleasant behavior or noise of any kind.
  5. To occupy the room with more than the number of people for which the reservation has been made.
  6. Take an action that activates the alarm system.
  7. To smoke in the room. If we ascertain that there has been smoked in the room, we are forced to charge € 100 cleaning costs. If the fire alarm goes off, we will charge the extra costs to you. We also charge a fine for masking and / or rendering the fire alarm inoperative.
  8. Light candles / incense in the rooms because of the fire alarm and fire hazard.
  9. Rent the room in your name without staying in the room yourself.
  10. Use the hotel room for commercial purposes.
  11. Not to comply with the applicable rules regarding Pets.If your pet is not registered in advance, a fine of € 50.00 will be charged.