HOOM, thuis bij Van der Valk

A new start

At Hotel Stein-Urmond it is also time for a new generation ‘Valkjes’. Rick and Pauline Luiten are going to make room for their daughter Evelien and her husband Jasper Leschot. When there is a new generation coming, there is also a bit of a change in the approach of the business and that is where the renovation is symbol of: a new start. In the beginning of April we open the doors of:

‘HOOM, thuis bij Van der Valk’

Hoom is a wink to the vision of the hospitality of the founders Martin and Rie van der Valk in 1939. With hard work and a welcoming, domestic approach, they want their guests to have the feeling they are at home. This is exactly the feeling that HOOM also wants to create for you as our guest; your own home at Van der Valk. To invigorate this, there will be a new corporate identity and a renewed menu in the restaurant.