Rent your fatbike

Cruising through the hilly Limburg landscape on KNAAP's electric fat bikes!

Experience the beautiful surroundings around Stein on the fat bike of the Netherlands.
Enjoy a sustainable and fun way to explore the landscape.
With a KNAAP you can drive on beautiful paths with fat tires and you also have electric pedal assistance. This makes your bike ride in and around Stein a lot of fun!
The great thing about an E-fat bike is that you have the feeling that you are almost floating over the ground. This means you can drive on any type of terrain without any difficulty.

In addition, the KNAAP is extremely light, which means that it is very agile and you have a lot of grip in the corners. It is therefore the ideal means of transport for a nice trip.

How do I reserve a Fatbike?

You can rent a fat bike at the reception before or during your stay (depending on availability). This can be done by email at or by telephone at T. 046-4269030.

What does it cost?

€35.00 per day.