Rent an E-chopper and discover the beautiful surroundings. he e-choppers are moped scooters, so you don't have to wear a helmet except if you cross the border into Germany or Belgium. Our scooters take you to all nearby attractions at a speed of up to twenty five kilometers per hour.
With us you get various tips for fun routes. Whatever you choose, with our electric scooter it will always be a fantastic day!
Price € 30,00 for 2,5 hour.


  •  A demonstrably valid moped driving license or car driving license is required to rent a scooter.
  • With a full battery you can drive 40 km.
  • A maximum of 1 adult is allowed on a scooter
  • Theft and damage sales scheme / own risk: The tenant is at all times responsible for causing damage or for theft. The own risk amount is € 1500 per E-chopper. For € 3.50 you can lower the risk to € 350 per E-chopper, you can tick this (per E-chopper) when you make the online reservation.
  • Rental Rules: When booking you must agree to our General Rental Conditions.
  • Helmet: A helmet is mandatory for cross-border trips. This can be added to the reservation.
  • Driving licence: As a driver you must be in possession of a driving license or moped certificate (min. 16 years)
  • One person: Officially approved for one person
    Track & trace:  Equipped with a track & trace system
  • 40 KM: you drive with a full battery
  • Charging: The battery is not rechargeable while on the move, other than with the accompanying battery charger. This is to prevent damage.

Do you want to request the rental of an e-chopper? You can make a reservation via this link.  
Please contact our reception if you have any further questions regarding the e-choppers and their rental.